Jerry Yates

 Jerry Yates, Professional Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor

Jerry grew up fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains. After moving to the eastern U.S. as a young adult, he came to know and love the many waters of the mid-Atlantic states.

This is where he created Frog's Fanny Fly Treatment.  Seeing the need to float an artificial fly properly and tired of seeing flies look like a wet glob on the water, Jerry created Frog's Fanny to keep the fly dry without pretreating it or having to change to a new dry fly.  With this amazing powder, the fly can immediately be treated again, even after it is slimed by a fish. Jerry didn't keep it to himself; you can find Frog's Fanny in retailers all across the U.S. and in many international locations.

Recently, after 27 years as a law enforcement officer, Jerry retired and moved to the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina where he is living the dream of full-time fly fishing. The move also provided the opportunity for Jerry to build Stream Team Anglers, the new home for Frog’s Fanny Fly Treatment along with a professional guide service and fly fishing school.

When working with clients, Jerry focuses on appropriate casting and setting techniques, the entomology of aquatic insects, and how to effectively read water conditions to find fish.  He particularly enjoys teaching those who are new to the sport, hoping to inspire the appreciation of fly fishing for generations to come.  Jerry is a Certified Casting Instructor from Fly Fishers International and a licensed guide in the state of North Carolina

In the picture above, Jerry is instructing his daughter.